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How to Subscribe to podcasts and leave a Rating and Review in less than 2 minutes

Podcasts are addictive, awesome, free, amazing sources of information. For the hosts to continually provide us with their abundance of value, they rely on us subscribing, rating and reviewing their shows. These step by step guides are specifically for iTunes, also now known as the Apple Podcast app and for Android users who listen through Stitcher. Follow these simple steps to help keep your favourite podcasts alive!!! For iPhone or iPad users: 1. Unlock your screen and swipe right, revealing the search bar at the top 2. Type in podcast (or just pod) and the purple podcast app will appear 3. Click on the purple Apple Podcast app. 4. Click on the Search tab (magnifying glass icon) in the bottom right corner...

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The Power Of Podcasts

 If you’re not listening to them you are doing yourself a disservice.   Podcasts have literally changed my life. I started listening to them in February 2015 and can now honestly and proudly say, I am addicted to Podcasts. Don’t know what they are? It’s like University in your pocket! They’re a free, on demand audio file that can be downloaded or streamed on your device (smart phone, lap top, ipad, ipod,) We live in the information age and we have an opportunity to make the most of it in simple but effective ways. Podcasting is a powerful medium that allows us to listen to the stories and insights of some of the most inspirational and influential people in the...

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