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Kurt Fearnley Gives Life A Good Name

  34 YEARS OLD AND ONLY 140CM TALL, PARALYMPIC AND WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS GOLD MEDALLIST, 40 TIMES MARATHON CHAMPION, SYDNEY TO HOBART YACHT RACE WINNER, CRAWLED KOKODA TRACK! – 96 KM, FINISHING IN 11 DAYS.     There’s many reasons why I love this bloke.  The first one is that he grew up in a small country town in NSW called Carcoar, which is much smaller than my home town of Cobar for that matter.  He’s also the survivor of many hardships and adversities; and inspires and teaches others his mentally resilient traits through his motivational speeches, school visits, and hard grind in sport and worldly adventures   Kurt is mostly well known for his accomplishments in the race chair, but...

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From Brain Damage to International Success - Katrina Webb's Journey

Katrina Webb was born into a very athletic family and sport was in her blood. At the age of 3, Katrina was told by her doctor that she had mild brain damage that affected the physical capabilities on the right side of her body. Despite this prognosis, Katrina was determined to become an elite athlete from a young age. Unlike her family members natural talent, this wasn’t going to be enough to get Katrina to the top level. Katrina’s parents didn’t let her brain damage hold her back. They encouraged her to do everything she wanted to do growing up. Which involved almost every sport possible, including netball. Katrina knew she had a mild disadvantage when she was playing sport...

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Before He Was A Coach, He Almost Lost His Life - Brett Bartholomew

Brett Bartholomew is a strength coach to NFL superstars, MMA power houses, and legendary weekend warriors, but life hasn’t always been this great for Brett. At the age of 15, Brett came dangerously close to losing his life. When some of his childhood friends and members of his primary social circle started experimenting with hard-core drugs, and his family dynamics changed rapidly due to a divorce, Brett turned to training and exercise to help him deal with the tough circumstances. Training hard was what Brett knew best, and also what he thought was best for him, but even this couldn't prevent his onset of depression.  A hobby and escape soon gave way to an exercise addiction that brought him to the...

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The short answer: Compression-based technology designed to help decrease pain and increase Range Of Motion in both joints and soft tissue structures. And...the results they provide are amazing! Used by some of Australia's Best Athletes Such as Paralympic Champions Scott Reardon and Kurt Fearnley, The Sydney Swans, Brisbane Lions, ACT Brumbies, and Australian Institute of Sport athletes and coaches. In addition, one of the World’s Best Coaches, Dan Pfaff, uses LIFE Flossbands daily to treat his World Champion athletes. Fortunately, YOU DON'T HAVE TO BE AN ATHLETE  Yep, that's right, you don’t have to be an athlete to enjoy the amazing benefits of flossbands; they are perfect for everyone. Mothers around the country are enjoying hanging the washing pain free,...

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